Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

This has been a BUSY weekend. On Friday night we went to dinner in Fayetteville and walked around the mall.
Saturday we started Christmas shopping and went to our friend Carrie's house to watch the Razorback game. The boys had so much fun at her house. Anderson found himself a new girl friend, and Fletch had a blast sticking his tongue out at her EVERY time she looked at him! It was so silly :)
This morning we went to church, we managed to be ten minutes late, but at least we were there! Anderson sat with Harriet this morning. He managed to pull off her glasses and rip out her earring. He was also as wiggly as a worm. Thank you Harriet for being so kind, patient, and loving to my little men. Fletcher sat with us this morning because Ms. Jenny wan't feeling well. Get better soon Jenny :) That was probably a good thing because he was JUST as wiggly! He has an added trick of loudly blowing kisses to all of the people that looked at him. After church we came home to eat BBQ, which the boys devoured, and then took a huge family nap. I guess we were all recovering from our fun filled Saturday. Then it was off for a walk and to soak up the beautiful weather.
We went out to Bella Vista and took a walk around the lake. It was absolutely perfect outside today. The boys had a good time watching the ducks and geese. They also enjoyed seeing all of the dogs that were out for walks.

We took time to go through the Veterans Wall of Honor. I gave the boys their fist Veteran's Day lesson. They politely listened. We found Kale's grandfather's name on the wall, and that was very special to see.

Overall, it was a remarkable Sunday. The kind I like the best; relaxing and family filled.
Fletcher learned how to blow bubbles while on the way home from the lake. Here is a short video of the new talent!!

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