Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Field Trip (Library and Chuck E Cheese)

Now that the men are big one year old's, I like to give them every opportunity I can to soak in new experiences and engage all of their senses. We have started taking weekly field trips with Miss Jessica, our nanny, and Tonka. Mom's new job has her on call weekends so she comes one day a week to spend some time with the boys. Last week the ladies took the men to the Toddler Time at the Bentonville library. The boys LOVE books and had a great time playing with all of the other toddlers. They read stories and did songs with movements. Then they brought out toys and books and gave the kiddos time to play with one another. I forgot to leave my camera, but here are a few pictures Miss Jessica took with her phone. The boys had a great time.
Toddler time at the library.

This week the men went to Chuck E Cheese and then out to lunch at Taco Bell. They had a wonderful time! Mom said that for most of the time, they were the only ones at CEC. This was great, open range to all the games!
Classic "Animals in a Cage" picture! Suck in those germs Fletch!!
The boys got about 200 tickets! They chose a balloon as their prize. Great choice! They LOVE balloons.
Yummy Taco Bell

Tuckered Out!

Thanks Tonka and Miss Jessica for loving my boys and taking such good care of them. I was so happy today thinking about all the fun they were having and how much they were learning.


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