Friday, June 1, 2012

Papaw's update: Summer Check-List

 We are learning how to do all kinds of "boy" things this summer.

We can successfully drink from the water hose.  

We can protest nap time. 

 We can drive our gator.

We can dig in the dirt and catch crawdads.

We can run around like crazy people in the yard.

We can help Daddy fix things.

We can drum and make noisy music.

We can play and watch baseball... but still aren't too sure about Strike!

We can mow the lawn.

We can hit things with sticks.

We can play so hard we collapse!

We have "no girls allowed" time.

But... we need Papaw to come visit us soon so that we can ride on a lawn mower again.  

We miss you Papaw and can't wait to see you in JULY!

Fletcher & Anderson 

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