Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Tribute

Today is Father's Day so I thought I'd write up a little Daddy love tribute.
Thank you for being the most amazing daddy to our little men.  You always greet them with a smile and a loving embrace.  They light up when you walk in the room.  You are their biggest hero.  I couldn't ask for anyone better to help me raise our boys.  Thank you for being so patient and quick to help. Without a doubt you are one of the most "hands on" dads I've ever known.  We can always count on you to be down on the floor playing and never to busy for us.  You live your life with God as your guide and lead your family with that as the focus.  The boys and I are so lucky to have you.  We are honored to call you Daddy.
Even though we have spent most of my life 600 miles apart, you have managed to always be there for me when I've needed you the most.  I love your straight forward talks and the way that you can make me laugh when I think it is all falling apart.  Thank you for making me so proud to be a blue eyed, curly haired Cook.  I know that my tender heart and compassion for others is a trait that was passed down from you.  I also attribute my straight talk and ability to make friends, or strike up a conversation with just about anyone comes from you too!  I love you dad, thank you for keeping me and giving the daughter thing a shot!  We all know that you REALLY wanted that Stephen Michael, but had to settle for Stephanie Michelle.  Hopefully Fletcher and Anderson kinda made up for that!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

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