Sunday, April 8, 2012


Yesterday we had our pre-Easter celebration with Tonka, Abby, Ben, Sam and Gaga. We hunted eggs, played outside, ate yummy spaghetti, and dyed eggs.

It was a beautiful morning to be outside. Not too hot and not too cold! The rain was nice enough to hold off until we had found all of the eggs.
Roo snuggled in for a rest with Tonka.
Today we started our Easter off with a terrific church service and then headed home for a nap before family came over.
The boys had a visit from the Easter bunny and loved digging into their baskets. Fletch picked out a choo basket which was filled with Thomas the train things, and Roo chose an Elmo basket. The Easter bunny was SO thoughtful and got the men a new Blue's Clues dvd! Thank you E. Bunny!!!

When Lolly, Pop, Jake, Carrie, Kris, Mamie, Ne-Ne, and Ron came over we played outside some more. The duo got bubble lawnmowers and a new tee ball set.
Then the boy-os hunted for eggs.
Everyone had a great time soaking up the sun and running around the backyard. Kale grilled delicious burgers while the boys had car races down the hill. The truck won every time!
It was a great second Easter for the men. I am so thankful for my little family. God is so good. Now they are vegging out on the couch watching Blue. Perfect ending to an exciting day!

We call this the "Blue's Clues Trance" :)

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