Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girl Crazy!

Today we went out and about as a family. Our day started off super spectacular with a 7 am wake up call, followed by blueberry pancakes at 8, a nap at 9 and then snoozing until 11:30!!! Once we all decided to shake off the sleepies we loaded up and headed to the mall. I hate to admit it, but we bought the boys their first pair of skinny jeans today. I couldn't resist... they look absolutely adorable. I'd post a picture but they are in the wash. The men are going to sport them at church tomorrow.
It just happened to be the Razorback baseball team's signing fiasco. We didn't care much about the players, but we did flag down a group of cheerleaders! They were so sweet and cute with the boys. We called one over, and then three more followed. What can I say, the boys are babe magnets :)
This shall be framed in their room. Right beside the one with the Hooters Girls... that happened while I was at an in-service, and the boys went with daddy to the Harley shop! Boys will be boys!
Overall it was a fantastic Saturday. To end it we are about to snuggle up and watch a movie. The boys are pretty excited about football tomorrow (all three), need to rest up for the big game. Have a good night everyone.


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