Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hubby and Bestie and Birthdays

This week has been a terrific birthday week! Not mine, but my best friend Kelsie's and Kale's. Kels had her bday on Sunday and Kale's is TODAY!

This past weekend we took the motorcycle down to Little Rock for a tiny getaway. While down there we went to Kelsie's birthday/going away party. She is moving to Nashville with her boyfriend Will. The party was great. I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen since college and we had the treat of hearing Will sing. He was our entertainment for the evening... and boy was he great! Kale and I had also had a great time shopping, eating sushi (not something we get to do with the boys often) and sleeping in!!! The sleeping may have been one of the best parts! Great trip to Little Rock. It was hot on the bike, but totally worth it :) I am going to miss my Kelsie so much, but I am so happy that she has found such an amazing man.

Mmmmm.... sushi!
The man himself... Mr. William Churchhill
Not a party without cupcakes :)
Peaceful Peabody duck (kinda looks evil with the red eye!)
Today for Kale's birthday we woke him up with his presents and ginormous dirt cake. His favorite candy is sour gummy worms so I thought a dirt cake was just perfect for him. It was so yummy, and a great breakfast food for the boys! After breakfast Kale went and got a haircut and massage while I stayed home and let the little men nap. Once daddy returned, trimmed up and refreshed!, we headed to Pig Trail Harley-Davidson. It was like magic... I swear, the boys smiled the entire time we were in there! One of Kale's presents was movie tickets to see Cowboys vs Aliens. We dropped the boys off and Mom watched them while we went to the movies... There's nothing like sweaty cowboys and slimy aliens to bring on the romantic ambiance! After the movies we all headed out for pizza with the whole family. I think it was a great birthday for the Mr.
Breakfast Party
Some of Daddy's presents
Harley shop
Thanks to all of you who commented on facebook to tell Kale Happy Birthday! I was sure to pass it along to him!


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