Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuckerd Out

Let's begin with a "Thank you Lord for Grandparents!!" My mom was awesome enough to babysit the boys overnight for my birthday. Kale got us a room at Aloft and I got to go to bed early and sleep ALLLLL night long. Best birthday present ever for a new mom :). I didn't worry about the little men at all... I knew they were in GREAT hands. Thanks Mom. I love you. Next, Kenny and Dorothy came over last night and entertained the boys so that Kale and I could clean the house for the Christmas party on Friday. I was able to get the entire house clean, except for mopping (that comes VERY last), in about three hours. It would have taken me forever if they had not come over! Thank you guys so much. We are lucky to have y'all!

Yesterday was a bit of a fussy day. I'm learning a lot of different things to do when they boys decide it is yelling contest time. We went from swings to bouncers. Then boppy time, tummy time, and I even strapped on the baby carriers and we walked and walked and walked! Tummy time was the biggest hit. Here is a picture after about 20 minutes of TT. Let's just say the boys were pretty tuckered out. They gave up and decided to have a little nap. Mommy didn't mind :)

Tummy Time!
Sleepy Anderson

Sleepy Fletcher

I ended up giving Dorothy her Christmas present last night. I'm the WORST at not being able to wait! Here is a picture of the first wreath I've ever made. I think she liked it! It was so fun to make. A bit messy but totally worth it.

My first wreath!

Mamie and Renee are going to come over for a few hours today so that I can mop and run to Wal Mart. I know I say it a lot but... thank goodness for family! Have a great day all. Enjoy the slightly warmer weather today... it won't last long!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what sweet baby boys!! You have a beautiful family.

    In case of interest, if you happen to catch these fine gentlemen awake during tummy time :), we are holding a fun Holiday Tummy Time Baby Photo contest (URL below). Three winners will receive a certificate, a $20 Starbucks gift card and a photo mug to display that winning photo in.

    Happy Holidays!