Thursday, April 25, 2013


I can't believe that 8 weeks have passed since we brought our baby Rosie home!  Today we had her two month check-up.  The little darling weighs 12.2 lbs and is 23 inches long.  The doctor seemed very pleased with her head shape, milestones, and mighty impressed with her 32 ounces a day.  She still eats every three hours.  She goes to bed at 10-10:30 and sleeps until 3:30-4.  Then it is back to the every three hour feedings.  Her feet are straightening out and she is starting to smile and coo back at us.  That smile is a killer!!  The big bros are still lovin' her.  Fletch and Anderson are HUGE helpers.  They like to read her books and play Avengers with her.  Sometimes she even gets to be Black Widow :)
Miss Kat came and snapped some pics for the big two months.  Here are just a few that she got.
Check out those BLUE eyes!

We took a trip to Texas last week to see Papaw, Grammie, and Mamaw.  The boys had a great time playing outside at Mamaw's house.  Of course we all ate like pigs and enjoyed every bite of Mamaw's home cookin'.  We got to go to church with Mamaw and go visit Grandpa Mike and Emma Sunday afternoon.  The boys love seeing their family and showing off their little sister.  On our way out of town we made a stop at CEC to play with Grammie and Papaw.  I think that Daddy and Papaw had more fun than the little men.
Hanging out at Mamaw's house.
 Playing in the backseat.  It was a long trip... they got creative on how to entertain themselves! 

Looking at picture books with Mamaw.
 After Church :)
We went to dinner last night and Miss R sported her camo.  Hey, there's a first time for everything!!

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